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Putty in Her Hands
Release date: January 29, 2018Putty in Her Hands
(The Wild Rose Press)

Julia Rossi, owner of Regal Restorations and master plasterer, comes across another project worthy of her attention while working on a plantation home in Chapelle, Louisiana. The Bayou Queen hotel, once a splendid building, sits in ruins hidden from the road by high weeds. Julia breaks in to see what the Queen has to offer and discovers parquet floors and magnificent plasterwork. She vows to restore the Queen to her former glory.

Unfortunately, Remington Broussard, has just purchased the site for demolition to make way for his modern condominium project, Black Diamonds.  He catches Julia in the act of trespassing on his property. It’s a standoff against his shotgun and her hammer and pry bar. Admiring her spirit, beauty, and devotion to her art, he sets out to change her mind about him and saving the Queen. Julia is equally sure she can convince him to save the hotel. It’s a tug of war between their goals and their mutual attraction.  Who will win?

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A Place Apart
Release date: November 1, 2017A Place Apart
(The Wild Rose Press)

After surviving torture in Afghanistan, Jacob Day returns home to Maine to find he can no longer endure the company of friends and family. He takes up residence on a deserted island and earns a humble living as a lobster fisherman. His seclusion is destroyed by Diana Mayfield, a socialite who has ruined her reputation and also seeks to escape the public eye. When Diana buys Jake's island for her own refuge, sparks fly.

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NEVER a sinner
Release date: August 30, 2017Never a Sinner
(The Wild Rose Press)

A pregnant young woman shows up at the Billodeaux ranch looking for Teddy, the handicapped adopted son of the family. Turns out Ella Sue Smalls is his half-sister looking for a place to stay until her baby is born. Good-hearted Teddy offers shelter at his very modest apartment. Though he will never be a member of the Sinners football team like his brothers, he is fiercely independent and earns his way as a freelance sports announcer and writer. Ella has arrived at an awkward time for her brother; Teddy had just reconnected with a former cheerleader he had a crush on in high school. Injured in a tragic accident, Jessica Minvielle is hopeless and bitter about her life confined to a wheelchair. She reaches out to Teddy for help to live a full life again and salvage her career as a sports trainer. He is only too glad to show her what a man and a woman in wheelchairs can do. But, will the scheming Ella Sue come between them and ruin their chance at love?

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sister of a sinner
Release date: April 26, 2017Sister of a Sinner
(The Wild Rose Press)

Junior Polk wants only one thing more than to be drafted by the Sinners football team—the love of Xochi Billodeaux, whom he's adored since the feisty Mexican girl saved him from bullies as a weak, fat child.

Having the ability to see auras, Xo is distracted from seeing Junior for the man he's become because of the "dark men" who appear to be following her. Surely, people will consider her crazy if she tells them what she fears—even Junior who swears he would die for her.

When she is snatched off the street by a false Mayan priest who believes her sacrifice to the goddess Ix Chel will restore a man's vigor, Junior and three companions race to Cozumel to save her. Would Junior truly give his life for hers?

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Release date: September 28, 2016An Ashy Affair
(The Wild Rose Press)

An Ashy Affair, companion story to A Trashy Affair, is now available!

When a hunky fireman takes an interest in the director of the local animal shelter, Leah is determined not to find him attractive. She's been burned before by a guy too good to be true, but Ashton Blaise is not only handsome and kind, but very, very persistent.

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Release date: June 3, 2016
(Wings ePress)

Southern belle Addy Courville is condemned to haunt her family home for all eternity after committing suicide when her fiance is killed in the Civil War. When Addy discovers souls from her era being reincarnated, she forces herself into the body of a frail girl in order to search for her Rory. But, Sarah Beth Niles refuses to vacate her body and wants to marry no one but Shea Landrum who saved her from drowning. Which couple will prevail in making their love eternal? (A sequel to Always Yellow Roses)

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A Will of Her OwnA WILL OF HER OWN
Release date: April 15, 2016
(The Wild Rose Press)

Turning away from her college crush, Will Collier, Kara Shafer marries the wrong man, a wannabe rock musician who drags her across the United States with his band and then dumps her when he achieves success using her poetry as lyrics for his songs. Kara and her small children return to her hometown where Will now works as a surveyor. She’d like to have another try at Will, but his vicious mother stands in their way. A women’s novel.

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She's a SinnerRelease date: September 9, 2015
(The Wild Rose Press)

Tom Billodeaux, adopted son of a legendary Sinners quarterback, is making his mark in football as an outstanding kicker. When an opening occurs for a new punter, he is asked to give his opinion on the skills of Hall-of-Famer Andy Mortenson�s grandchild, Alix Lindstrom. Not only is Alix a superb punter, she is also undeniably a tall, strong woman. For Tom, it is love the first time she removes her helmet, shakes out her blonde hair, and gazes at him with her fjord-blue eyes.

Raised more like a son than a daughter, Alix regards herself as an overly big, clunky female jock who must prove her abilities to every man on the team. Secretly, she has adored Tom from afar for years. Tom takes her under his wing, helping her integrate with the Sinners, but hoping for a much deeper relationship. When Alix turns out to be his equal in talent and gets roughed on a few plays, his mentoring and over-protectiveness begin to grate on her. Will Alix throw away love for a career in a man�s world?

Dedication: For Lauren Silberman, female kicker, who tried out for the NFL in 2013.

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Son of a SinnerRelease date: March 13, 2015
(The Wild Rose Press)

Dean Billodeaux, son of legendary Sinners quarterback Joe Billodeaux, strives to be his father on the football field but not off of it. Often accused of being "no fun", he possesses a stainless reputation. The only person who believes he isn't perfect is Stacy Polasky, an orphan raised by his parents. Stacy has maintained a bickering relationship with Dean calling him a big lout. He retaliates by dubbing her the Princess.

When Dean's sister sees though their antagonism and realizes they are attracted to each other, she suggests Stacy stop being so independent and allow Dean to rescue her a few times. They set up several situations in which he can be Stacy's hero, but one goes badly awry and descends into real danger. Dean learns of Stacy's ploy and feels like a complete fool. Can she regain his love and trust before another woman steps in and takes the prize from the Princess?

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Queen of the Mardi Gras BallRe-release date: March 2015
(The Wild Rose Press)

Anything can happen on Mardi Gras day in New Orleans.

As 1925 ends, spirited flapper Rosamond St. Rochelle meets two men. Burke Boylan is rich and well-connected in New Orleans. Pierre Landry, a Cajun doctor, plans to return to the bayou backwaters to practice. Both would like to have Rosamond, the newly proclaimed Queen of the Mardi Gras Ball, at their side. But, Roz longs for a career of her own as one of the New Women of the Twenties.

A fateful encounter on Mardi Gras day causes Roz to make missteps and mistakes in her life. She must overcome personal tragedy and the forces of nature during the Great Flood of 1927 to find the right man and the place where she truly belongs.

Now available from Amazon.com and other book retailers.

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Mardi Gras MadnessRe-release date: January 9, 2015
(The Wild Rose Press)

Anything can happen on Mardi Gras day in a small town.

Seeking to escape the memory of her husband’s tragic death, Laura Dickinson leaves the North and takes a job as a librarian in the small town of Chapelle, Louisiana. She soon finds herself embroiled with the family of Robert LeBlanc. Owner of Chateau Camille and single father to a little girl badly in need of a mother, Robert sees everything through the lens of the past and local custom. Strongly attracted to him, Laura scoffs at the old tales. In tiny Chapelle, however, history is very much alive, but mad women and disturbed children are no longer locked in attics.

Forced to face her feelings for Robert on Mardi Gras day, Laura unwittingly unleashes a series of terrible events. Some will not survive as one person seeks to destroy the past with fire and bloodshed.

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Courir de Mardi GrasRelease date: February 15, 2015
(The Wild Rose Press)

An antiques expert comes to Port Jefferson, Louisiana, to inventory and appraise the contents of an ante-bellum home. While she finds the owner of the mansion awkward and uninteresting, she is playfully abducted by a masked man on a white horse during the annual Courir de Mardi Gras. Escaping her captor easily, she remains intrigued by his identity. However, when fake antiques start showing up among the originals, Suzanne must put her fantasies aside and face the fact her dull employer might be guilty of insurance fraud.

A Cajun Country set romance with a mystery sub-plot.

Now available from Amazon.com and other book retailers.

Always Yellow Rosesalways yellow ROSEs
Release date: August 22, 2014
(The Wild Rose Press)

A grave sin is committed in the early nineteenth century, the root of a feud between the Courville and Niles families. When Esperanza Niles calls off her secret engagement to Rufus Courville, more fuel is added to the fire of hatred with tragic results. Over one-hundred years later, young Noreen Courville is plagued by dreams of her family's past. When she is pushed into the arms of cowboy, Rusty Niles, at a party, she thinks she understands the meaning of those dreams. She and Rusty are the reincarnated lovers, Espy and Rufe, destined to end the feud with their marriage. Rusty is not too sure about that but knows he loves Noreen. Hatred still flares between the two families and only a miracle will prevent another tragedy whether Noreen and Rusty are reincarnated souls are not. Can they end the feud? Only time will tell.

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A Wild Red Rosea wild red ROSE
Release date: February 22, 2014
(The Wild Rose Press)

Renee Niles Bouchard Hayes is between husbands and very bored. So why not take a wild road trip with rodeo bullfighter, Clinton O. Beck? Clint aims to tames this beautiful and spoiled woman, but she can never know he is heir to a fortune she'd love to possess.

Another of The Roses contemporary romances.

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Kindle release date: December 26, 2013
Paperback release date: 2014
(The Wild Rose Press)

Newly retired bull rider, Bodey Landrum, is ready to settle down, but not just with any buckle bunny. He wants ethereal and religious artists, Eve Burns, a woman he thinks of as his convent rose. Do complete opposites really attract? Find out in this contemporary romance, part of The Roses series.

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Love Letter for a SinnerLOVE LETTER FOR A SINNER
Release date: December 1, 2013
(The Wild Rose Press)

Joe Dean Billodeaux reaches the end of his career as quarterback for the Sinners. Not too fond of his replacement, Rex Worthy, a conservative Christian and self-proclaimed virgin, he still feels compelled to help when Rex is stalked by a predatory actress and can't seem to gain the woman he truly loves. Joe, as always, has problems of his own to solve in this fifth book of the Sinners series.

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Blessings and Cursesblessings and curses
Release date: April 3, 2014
(Wings ePress)

Under the influence of a love potion, Hartz’s reserved, sophisticated assistant conceives a passion for Celine’s brother, the Cajun entertainer named Crazy Pierre. Always wondering if the potion is the only reason Pierre stays with her, she beds, weds, and has a family with the man who must resist the lure of other women and an adventurous life to keep his family together.

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A Taste of Bayou WaterA TASTE OF BAYOU WATER
Release date: November 1, 2013
(Wings ePress)

Billionaire techno-geek, Jonathan Hartz, comes to Chapelle intending to help the economy of the small town by opening a factory. He falls for a lovely Cajun woman, Celine Landry. When both his personal assistant and her brother plot to break up the romance on the basis of incompatibility, Hartz simply moves his empire to the town and tries to become Cajun.

A light-hearted romance. Available now from Wings ePress, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online retailers.

Release date: January 24, 2014A Trashy Affair
(The Wild Rose Press)

Can a devoted environmentalist fall for a man who owns a big-ass truck? Jane Marshall goes toe to toe about littering with Crazy Merlin Tauzin, a war hero with adjustment problems. Surprisingly, they find themselves on the same side when it comes to the bad garbage pickup service and saving Jane's job as environmental project manager. Contemporary romance.

A Trashy Affair is currently a Kindle Select Release and will go to worldwide distribution on January 24, 2014.

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Paradise for a Sinner PARADISE for a Sinner
Release date: 2014
(The Wild Rose Press)

When Samoan cornerback Adam Malala and two children in need show up at Joe Dean Billodeaux's house on the first day of the off season, Joe knows he isn't going to get any relief. Adam, jilted by his island fiancee, has no desire to go home until he meets Winnie Green, a nurse called in to help the abandoned little boy. When the chaos of Joe's place becomes too much for them, Adam and Winnie take off for American Samoa and an unexpected adventure awaiting them there.

Book Four of the Sinners Football Romance series.

Kicks for a SinnerKICKS FOR A SINNER
Release date: 2014
(The Wild Rose Press)

During the off-season, Joe Dean has two problems to solve-convincing his wife to increase the size of their family and deflecting the advances of Cassie Thomas. Joe puts his new kicker, Howard "Howdy" McCoy, between himself and Cassie. Can Howdy persuade the sassy redhead to switch her affections from the bad boy to the nice guy?

Read the first two chapters.

Release date: 2014
(The Wild Rose Press)
Wish for a Sinner

Joe Dean Billodeaux, womanizing star quarter back for the New Orleans Sinners, thinks maybe, just maybe, he should be looking for a more wholesome sort of woman than the ones who signed his list for sex after his season of celibacy ended. The first that comes to mind is the little Wish Lady, Nellwyn Abbott, who helps fulfill the dreams of critically ill children. His friends agree that Nell, a child psychologist, is exactly what Joe Dean needs and do all they can to bring the two together. But is Nell willing to take on Joe Dean with all his little problems and teach him that there is more to life than sex and football? (The sequel to Goals for a Sinner.)

Read the first two chapters.

Release date: April 30, 2010
(The Wild Rose Press)
Goals for a Sinner

Unlucky in love, sports photographer Stevie Dowd has given up on men in order to concentrate on her goal of getting a cover shot for a prestigious sports magazine.

Connor Riley, wide receiver for the New Orleans Sinners, has remained celibate all season to strengthen his game for a Super Bowl victory.

Their goals collide, literally, when Connor bowls over Stevie on the sidelines as she attempts to get her perfect picture. Realizing Stevie is the woman he had a crush on in high school, Connor feels his vow is about to be broken. Can he win both the Super Bowl and Stevie Dowd?

Now available from The Wild Rose Press, Amazon.com and other book retailers in softcover or e-format.

Read the first two chapters.


5 Stars!

Ms. Lynn Shurr has written a compelling novel about finding and following dreams. She has used a myriad of characters which could present readers with a series of books about the lives of these football players. We are promised, in fact, at the end of this beautiful novel, that there is a sequel which will give us the details of another player, Joe Dean's, life. I cannot wait!

The two main characters were well developed and grabbed my attention early. I could not put the book down. It had a compelling plot with much conflict. Just when it seemed things were winding up for their happily-ever-after, another kink would surface. Shurr is a wonderful story teller. The sensuality was sizzling. The storyline did not suffer because of the sexual activity; it was enhanced.

I truly enjoyed this book. The ending was surprising--not the HEA, but the manner in which she concluded the book. I highly recommend it to anyone over the age of eighteen.

- Brenda Talley, The Romance Studio

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