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An Ashy Affair did come out on September 28th to terrible reviews saying the book didn't make sense and had an abrupt ending. I couldn't figure out what was going on—it ends with a wedding and the plot is carefully developed. Finally, a fan contacted me directly and pointed out that her e-book was only 122 pages long, and she wondered if I planned a sequel because it ended in the middle of a luncheon between two sisters. Friends, those early e-books were defective. The book runs 342 pages with lots of twists, turns, and laughs, in other words, my usual style of book. If you got one of these bad copies, please contact the source and get the full copy—especially if you plan to post a review. Though I tried to inform the disappointed of the error, only one or two went to the effort to get the full book and revise their comments. Nothing hurts more than being judged unfairly. Not everyone will think this is a five star book, but it most certainly does not deserve one star. If you liked Trashy Affair, you will enjoy Ashy Affair.

Shortly after that disaster, I got the good news that the next of the Sinner's Legacy books, Sister of a Sinner, has been contracted by Wild Rose Press. Edits should begin shortly, and I expect a late spring release. This is the tales of Xochi, Joe's adopted Mexican daughter. When the violence of her early childhood comes back to haunt her, two Sinners and two admirers come to her rescue in this off-season novel. Not much football in this one, but lots of action. You still have plenty of time to read the first two books in this series, Son of a Sinner and She's a Sinner, before it comes out.

I am at work on Never a Sinner, but during the holidays my writing slows to a crawl as does most of the publishing industry. If I don't get back to you before then, Happy Holidays to all!


A Place Apart (105,600 words): After surviving torture in Afghanistan, Jacob Day returns home to Maine to find he can no longer endure the company of friends and family. He takes up residence on a deserted island and earns a humble living as a lobster fisherman. His seclusion is destroyed by Diana Mayfield, a socialite who has ruined her reputation and also seeks to escape the public eye. When Diana buys Jake's island for her own refuge, sparks fly. Mainstream romance.


Perfection (71,000 words): Lady Thalia Longleigh is know to be perfection personified. Unfortunately, the only man she finds intriguing in the scar-faced Earl of Danelagh who finds perfection oh so boring. With the help of her mother, Thalia seeks to capture his attention - literally. But once she masters him, Thalia decides she might value another year of freedom from marriage more. It is up to Danelagh to convince her otherwise. Another of the Longleigh Chronicles.

Daughter of the Rainbow (72,000 words): Iris Longleigh, shy second daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Bellevue, wants nothing more than to left in seclusion to paint. Amateur portrait artist, Lord Valls, is summoned to paint her prior to her coming out. If only Valls weren't arrogant and uninterested in women, he would be her perfect match. When he paints a scandalous picture of Iris unbeknownst to her, the Duke will see they marry no matter what the young man's excuses. Iris gets more in a husband than she could ever foresee. Another Longleigh Chronicle Regency.

The Greatest Prize (70,000 words): Joshua Longleigh jilts the woman he has long been expected to marry by telling her she cannot compete with the women of London, one of whom he is courting, the nonpareil of The Season. Instead of bursting into tears, Kate Morely bets him that she can land the greatest male prize, Viscount Astin. And the game begins. Just as Astin is about to offer for Kate, she vanishes, the victim of a rival. Joshua will not accept that Kate is dead and he might have lost the woman who is truly the greatest prize.

Lion in the Heather (85,800 words). Enthralled by Scottish lore after reading Waverley, Lady Euphemia Longleigh, the Duke of Bellevue's most biddable daughter, leaps into the arms of a Highland laird who seems to have stepped from the pages of the book. With her father and brother in hot pursuit, Phemie aids her abductor in her own kidnapping until she can convince him they must be wed. Another humorous Longleigh Chronicle.

Of Turtles and Doves (97,310 words): In Regency England, Jason Longleigh, third son of the Duke and Duchess of Bellevue craves turtle soup. When he attempts to get some, he is waylaid by a young American woman crusading against the killing of turtles. Despite her crazy notions, he is smitten. Unfortunately, little Miranda comes with a venal father and an easily insulted brother. Nevertheless, he takes the Clary family and two rescued Galapagos tortoises home to meet his own very eccentric family, including his sharp-tongued sister, Pandora. When the young couple appears to elope, a chase across England and over the ocean to America ensues. Sense and Sensibility with a touch of The Tempest.

Lady Flora's Rescue (107,000 words): Last of the Mohicans with a humorous twist. Lady Flora will follow the man she adores anywhere to gain his regard-across the ocean and into the wilderness. Pearce Longleigh, Viscount Laughlin, resists knowing he cannot take this seemingly fragile woman to live among the Shawnee as he flees his responsibilities as a lord in order to return to his mother's people. The opening saga of the Longleigh Chronicles.

The Earl’s Ugly Mistress (89,000 words): Blinded at Waterloo, the Earl of Edgemont takes out his bitterness on those around him. When he insults a spinster he has been stuck with for the evening, she insults him back and insists he can learn to live normally again. He dares her to show him how—and she does, falling in love with the handsome earl as she gives him lessons. But will he still love her when his sight returns, and he sees how very plain she is? The match-making Duchess of Bellevue is determined to bring them together. Part of the Longleigh Chronicles above.

The Double Dilemma (65,185 words): The Duchess of Bellevue's twin daughters insist they must marry twins presenting a difficult dilemma for the matchmaking Lady Flora. Her son, James, provides a solution having encountered a mysterious pair who live in a secluded castle. Devotees of gothic novels, the twins are thrilled and ready to take on the adventure of meeting the men of their dreams. Another lively and humorous Longleigh Chronicle.

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