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Daughter of the Rainbow
Shy but lovely Lady Iris Longleigh cares little about her upcoming debut into society. She has no interest in husband hunting and wishes only to spend her time painting at Bellevue Hall. Her mother, the ever-scheming duchess, Lady Flora, has other plans. She engages a young man of the nobility, Lord Valls, to paint her daughter's portrait to promote her eligibility. The two artists are made for each other. However, Lord Valls has a secret he cannot reveal that prevents their marriage. After displaying a scandalous painting of Iris, Valls is offered a choice by the duke--marry his daughter or die!

Release Date: March 2020

Daughter of the Rainbow
The Perfect Daughter
Lady Thalia Longleigh knows she is considered perfection personified. Unfortunately, the only man who intrigues her is the scar-faced Earl of Danelagh. He finds perfection oh so boring, or that is what he claims. Thalia’s brother warned him never to allow his imperious sister to get the upper hand, though Danelagh is immensely attracted to her and in need of a bride. With the help of her mother, Thalia seeks to capture the Earl’s attention—literally. Breaking all the rules of propriety to seduce him unleashes Thalia’s sensuality and breaks Danelagh’s icy exterior. But once she masters him, Thalia decides she might value another year of freedom from marriage—preferably in decadent Italy. Can Danelagh save her from her own recklessness and convince her of his love?
The Perfect Daughter
Dream for a Sinner
Trinity Billodeaux considers himself the least of the men in his famous football family. He doesn't have their looks, strength, or confidence. In fact, he is a computer geek endlessly working on the creation of a video game he can't seem to finish. Yet, he hopes to attract the notice of super model, Josee Riley, his dream girl. Josee is a childhood friend. Helping out at the Billodeaux family charity, Camp Love Letter, she begins to see Trin in a different light after he performs several heroic acts. He denies he has done anything special. But perhaps, he can be her hero, too.
Dream for a Sinner
The Heart of a Sinner
A tiny premature infant is delivered into the caring hands of NICU nurse, Annie Billodeaux. His father, Matthew Keaton, is the newly hired running back for the New Orleans Sinners football team. His mother is deceased, victim of a stray bullet fired in a gang war. Matt blames himself for having brought his wife to the city. Annie’s heart goes out to little Daniel and his suffering father. As she teaches Matt the ins and outs of the NICU and the handling of his child, her affection for both grows into a love she cannot confess so soon to the grief-stricken man. Matt feels the pull of Annie’s tenderness, but won’t act on his feelings out of respect for his wife’s recent death. When Daniel is able to go home, how can Matt keep Annie in his life until the right time comes for him to voice his love for the Angel of the NICU?
Heart of a Sinner

Lady Flora's Rescue
When little Lady Flora first lays eyes on the Duke of Bellevue's half-Shawnee son brought back from the wilds of America, she isn't the least afraid. To her, Bear Hug , renamed Pearce Longleigh, represents adventure and freedom. Ten years pass before they meet again. Flora's belief that she has met her match is squelched when Pearce offers to return to Ohio Territory with her father to claim land for speculation. She invites herself along not knowing that he plans to rejoin his mother's people. When Flora is taken captive by the Shawnee, will Pearce see she is returned to her own native land? Love must go to war with Freedom.

Lady Flora's Rescue

Putty in Her Hands. Julia Rossi, owner of Regal Restorations and master plasterer, comes across another project worthy of her attention while working on a plantation home in Chapelle, Louisiana. The Bayou Queen hotel, once a splendid site, sits in ruins. Julia vows to restore it. Unfortunately, Remington Broussard has just purchased the site for demolition to build condos. It’s a standoff against his shotgun and her hammer and pry bar. Who will win? Learn more!

Putty in Her Hands

A Place Apart. After surviving torture in Afghanistan, Jacob Day returns home to Maine to find he can no longer endure the company of friends and family. He takes up residence on a deserted island and earns a humble living as a lobster fisherman. His seclusion is destroyed by Diana Mayfield, a socialite who has ruined her reputation and also seeks to escape the public eye. When Diana buys Jake's island for her own refuge, sparks fly.Learn more!

A Place Apart

Never a Sinner. A pregnant young woman shows up at the Billodeaux ranch looking for Teddy, the handicapped adopted son of the family. Turns out Ella Sue Smalls is his half-sister looking for a place to stay until her baby is born. Ella has arrived at an awkward time for her brother; Teddy had just reconnected with a former cheerleader he had a crush on in high school. But, will the scheming Ella Sue come between them and ruin their chance at love? Learn more!

Never a Sinner

Sister of a Sinner. Xochi's tragic past catches up with Joe Billodeaux's adopted Mexican daughter. Even Xo's ability to read auras can't help her. Two Sinners and two admirers come to her rescue in this latest Sinners novel. Release date: April 26, 2017. Learn more!

Sister of a Sinner

Lynn Shurr
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blessings and curses
Under the influence of a love potion, Hartz’s reserved, sophisticated assistant conceives a passion for Celine’s brother, the Cajun entertainer named Crazy Pierre. Read more.
Blessings and Curses
Billionaire Jonathan Hartz arrives in Louisiana seeking a place for his new business but finding Celine Landry. Will they be kept apart or will he win his lady? Even if it means becoming Cajun. Read more.
A Taste of Bayou Water
a wild red ROSE
Renee Niles Bouchard Hayes is between husbands and very bored. So why not take a wild road trip with rodeo bullfighter, Clinton O. Beck? Another of The Roses romances. Read more.
Wild Red Rose
Newly retired bull rider, Bodey Landrum, is ready to settle down, but not just with any buckle bunny. He wants ethereal and religious artist, Eve Burns, a woman he thinks of as his convent rose. Do opposites really attract? Read more.
The Convent Rose
A TRASHY affair
Jane Marshall goes toe to toe about littering with Crazy Merlin Tauzin, a war hero with adjustment problems. Surprisingly, they find themselves on the same side when it comes to the bad garbage pickup service and saving Jane's job as environmental project manager. Read more.
A Trashy Affair
Always yellow roses
Hatred flares between two families and only a miracle will prevent another tragedy. Can Noreen and Rusty end the feud? Only time will tell. Read more.
Always Yellow Roses
Civil War Southern belle Addy Courville haunts her ancestral home. When she notes other souls from her era being reincarnated, she decides to possess Sarah Beth Niles and seek her beloved Rory. But Sarah Beth proves stronger than expected in this romantic ghost story. Read more.

A Will of Her Own
Companion story to A Trashy Affair, is now available. Learn more and order a copy!

An Ashy Affair
A WILL OF HER OWN Debuted on April 15, 2016. Buy a paperback or Kindle ebook on Amazon. Women's fiction with a happy ending by Lynn Shurr. Learn more about A Will of Her Own! A Will of Her Own
The second book in the Sinner's Legacy series is now available for sale on Amazon. Official release date: September 9, 2015. Learn more about She's a Sinner!
Son of a Sinner
The first book in the Sinner's Legacy series debuted on March 13th and is available for sale on Amazon.
Son of a Sinner

Lynn's mystery/romance, Courir de Mardi Gras, released on February 15, 2015. Mardi Gras Madness came back into print in January, and Queen of the Mardi Gras Ball followed in March!

Courir de Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras Madness  Queen of the Mardi Gras Ball

All of the Sinners books are now back in print, available on the Kindle and in softcover. Enjoy reading the whole series from beginning to end.

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